Bathing House, Glyn Garth

Bathing House, Glyn Garth, Anglesey

Conversion to create a new dwelling

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The original Bathing house (the Stone built Central Section) has been altered and refurbished with two new extensions juxtaposed either side. The original concept was to create two lightweight glazed boxes either side of the heavy stone building. These boxes now house the living area and bedrooms with each space maximizing the spectacular views of the Menai Straits.

Large over hangs were used to reduce overheating and exemplify the linearity of the building. Materials such as cedar and glass have been carefully used to layer and frame the building and spaces.

The layout of the building is quite simple with the main entrance vestibule being on the first floor and a cantilevered staircase leading down into the ground level. The open plan living area, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen are located on the ground floor to take full advantage of the Menai Straits panorama.

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